Days are getting right warm — this afternoon we were sitting on the back porch, and had to retreat to the still-cool house lest we fall asleep.  The little plum trees are starting to lose their blossoms, and are covered in new leaves; the apple tree has not yet bloomed but is getting ready to do so.  A few weeks ago our jonquils bloomed, but those flowers are long-gone, thanks to an industrious toddler.  The reckless bulbs have given us no clue as yet to their identity (wish I could remember), and thinking of it, our miscellaneous daffodils are up but not blossoming, not sure what that is about. 

In the vegetable garden the mystery green — arugula, maybe? — that volunteered this winter is now resplendent with long long stems and lovely petite white flowers.  At its foot is a tiny patch of volunteer lettuce which got bitter a month or more ago.  Birds are more or less done with the basil, lantana and pepper seed pods I left out this winter, so it’s about time to finally clear out the stalks.

Pansies are holding their own in the castle yard, though something else — a pretty little weed with lacy greenery and tiny flowers — has blossomed with them in the one planter.  Garlic bulbs planted who knows how long ago are now up and grassy next to one of the other pansy zones. 

The birds have gotten the hang of the new feeder, and squirrels have contented themselves to what falls on the ground.  Despite having told Mr. Boy it is open season on yard rodents, so far the squirrels are still quite safe. 

Up front the hollies are in bloom — by "in bloom" I mean with the miniscule yellow flowers that will give us next winter’s berries — and the bumblebees are happy.  Children are less happy, as they have to cross the bee zone to get to their bicycles.  Something to know is that if you have both holly bushes and toddlers, if you prune the holly right after it blossoms, you will not get berries the next year.  Bummer for the birds, but eliminates the berry-poisoning hazard.  

Wasps are also getting busy.  Fire ants, too.  Chemical warfare seems to be the only solution for those two.