. . . and it bites.   Took a short walk this evening, came home with smattering of itchy bug bites.   Note to self: do not let the azalea blossom fool you, the seasons really are changing.   We’d been in denial, what with only have three or four weeks of wintry weather this year.

It’s also "spring" cleaning time.  More accurately, this is summer, fall, and winter cleaning, hurriedly stashed behind closed doors in desperate moments, now patiently waiting to be finally put away.  Or given away.  Or thrown away. 

Went to the library yesterday and stocked up on educational videos, and then went to Aldi today and filled the freezer with convenience foods.  Between those two I can re-direct an extra couple of hours each day to paying back my cleaning debt, and hopefully keep my sanity and finish the taxes, too.  By Thursday, if possible.  <insert manic laughter>

But I did get two long-looming closets under control today, so there is hope.  Maybe by  Easter.  Or Pentecost.   But seriously I’m aiming for Easter.