Tonight I de-cluttered the fabric bins.  "Reduced" the spouse’s and my fabric inventory by 50%. 

Depression-era types that we are, neither the SuperHusband nor myself find it easy to throw away *perfectly good* scraps of fabric.  You might, um, need them for something.   So we save them for, you know, someday.

Finally, someday is here!  We have children!!  I can give *them* the scraps of fabric.  And they actually do need them for something.  Usually for building tents in the backyard, plus devising the odd belt, sheath or veil, and every now and then sewing up a garment for a plush toy or 11-inch fashion doll.

It is the most wonderful thing.  I put the scraps in *their* bin.  They take them out and "make" things.  Sooner or later their creations biodegrade enough that I can actually bring myself to throw them away.   No matter how many scraps I send them, they keep their bin 70% full.  Miraculous.