We’re confirmed Curious George fans around here.  I always did like the books, and then when the PBS series came out last summer, we were hooked from the outset.  While we were in Las Vegas we saw the new ("new") movie for the first time, the second time, the third time, the fourth time, etc.

This morning on PBS was the episode where George goes camping.  A timely episode, as we are now gearing up for camping season ourselves.  Spring and Fall are the best times for camping in South Carolina, in my opinion, though if you are used to the SC heat, then the mountains of North Carolina are just lovely even in the middle of the summer.  (Test:  Can you say "It’s only 90!" and mean it?)

George went tent camping with the Man with the Yellow Hat.  That is how I camped growing up.  Then he went camping with the doorman and Hunley the door-dog, this time with an Airstream-style camper. This is how we "camp" now, though our camper is about 40 years older than the one on the show, and has no microwave.

Reality check: I don’t think you could power a microwave with the solar panel shown on the cartoon.  A toaster, though, I bet.  We have not gone solar ourselves yet, but the resident technical guy reminds me frequently that solar cells only make so much power.

But what was absolutely true to life on the show is that when you take a camper, you are not camping.  It camps for you.  The SuperHusband is busy building  a bunk for our little unit, as our family size has doubled since we first went over to the dark side and became camper people.  We probably won’t get out on our first trip until mid-April, which is when most of the mountain campgrounds open up. 

Works out well, since March promises to be a busy month for us.  Still haven’t finished the taxes.  Note: remember to claim your long-distance telephone excise-tax refund.   The IRS website is reporting that many people are forgetting to claim this.   Visit the IRS website (www.IRS.gov) for details.  Checked my 1040 booklet and the line item was there, so you can just follow the instructions.  (Line 71 on the 1040 form.)   I’m no fan of growing tax forms, and all the bureaucracy that lies behind it.   But there it is, an easy $60 for us.  Nice little bit of camping money.