5K update:  Our early-registration deadline came and went before we made a decision.  I am way too cheap to pay the (much higher) race-day entry fee.  So no 5k for us this time.  As a result, we haven’t been running.  Mr. Boy and I are both the type who need a definite goal (preferably competitive) to get us motivated. 

Also, I finally fed the pansies.  I think in another month it’ll be back to marigolds, if i can bear the up-rooting.  But at least our pansies will spend their final month fertilized. 

Spring brings other gardening decisions — whether to plant and what?  Start seeds indoors? Sow in the ground? Go to Lowe’s at the last minute and buy potted plants?  And do I take time off from formal lessons and use school time to do our garden-planting, or do I prioritize penmanship and try to squeeze in the garden some other time of day?

My guess right now is that we will do a combo of sown-directly-into-ground and Lowe’s potted plants.  I don’t see myself starting seeds indoors this year.  And I’m voting the log-it-all-as-science option.  (In fact gardening is part of our planned-ahead curriculum.)  Or maybe a quick couple worksheets and then out into the yard.    We’ll see.