I’m not taking a break from blogging for Lent, or at least I don’t mean to be.  But it’s been a mighty long weekend, and only getting longer.

A good friend’s mother passed away this weekend, entirely unexpectedly.  Funeral will be tomorrow morning.    Difficult to believe.

 Also this weekend we celebrated a different friend’s 50th birthday.  We went to the restaurant Juniper in Ridge Spring, SC.  Country cooking this is not.  Some of the best food on the East Coast.  Haute haute cuisine.   Good stuff if you like that kind of thing.  (We do). 

I guess we’ll resume formal lessons after the funeral, maybe Wednesday or maybe later.   We’ll see.


In other castle news:

  • Flocks of robins coming through the neighborhood.  Bun used her brother’s plush toy to make a positive identification on those. 
  • The SuperHusband has gotten in the habit of re-filling the bird feeder.  Which the birds are now actually using.  
  • Pansies are hanging in there.  Still awaiting their pansy food.
  • The reckless bulbs have not yet bloomed, but they are finally in good company — we returned to town and discovered everybody else’s daffodils are out.   Ours are sure to follow suit.