My favorite place to go in Las Vegas is Red Rocks National Park.  I finally managed to sneak over this morning, and did a short hike with the kids.  The park faces east, so it is a lovely early-morning destination.  Rain last night (this is the rainy season) put fresh snow on the mountains, though we stayed down in the wide valley below.  Determined that Bun is still firmly in the toddler category, really not ready for hiking on her own.  


Went ahead and purchased an annual park pass, if I make three more visits before we leave it will have paid for itself.  This is not unlikely, as the park is pressed right up against the western suburbs of town (or, more accurately, vice versa), and only a twenty minute drive or so from my parent’s home.  Read this afternoon that the visitor’s center now has a working seismograph, so one of the these days we will have to time our visit for after the center’s opening hours, so that we can do that.


Meanwhile I’ve been helping my sister get my parent’s house ready for an up-coming move.  Not sure if I like de-cluttering other people’s homes more or less than doing my own.  On the positive side, I am honing my skills so that perhaps I can be a better tosser-outer when I get back to my own mess.  On the negative, I keep finding stuff that I might like.  Hmmn.


Also finished reading Cacique and will review it in the next post.