We arrived safely — thanks for the prayers.  The kids held up remarkably well, despite some delay and re-routing.  I was asked several times what my "secret" was.  My only guess is that when people see four very young children board a plane with just one adult, they begin to pray.  Even people who do not normally pray — perhaps especially those people — may well begin begging God for mercy.  And He came through.


Thursday we relaxed and recovered from the trip.  Visited with the cousins, and Bun took her first ever dance class, thanks to a very friendly local dance instructor, who doesn’t mind the odd friend or relative tagging along with a regular student. 


Friday we went to Hoover Dam.  I’d never been there before.  Really neat.  The drive from Las Vegas out to the dam is just breathtaking, especially if you are the sort of person who loves mountainous desert landscapes.  Tour operators are friendly, and our large crowd of six-and-unders (free admission!) stayed suitably entertained.  Exhibits at the visitors’ center at the end of the tour included several engaging kids activities that were not only entertaining but informative as well.  And I learned how electricity is made. 


Saturday we drove up to Mt. Charleston for a hike — the weather has been too mild for snow, we were told.  Not so.  We played a little bit, scouted about, and came back Sunday properly outfitted.  Had a great time sledding, building snow forts, and drinking hot chocolate.  Truth be told, this is why I like to come to Las Vegas in February.


Today was quiet enough I had to actually break out school materials in order to gather enough educational activity to count it as a school day.  Did take the kids to a local park — there are lots of great local parks in this city, though be mindful some neighborhoods are safer than others. 


Also started reading the novel Cacique by  bishop Robert J. Baker.  So far so good, but I will post a full review once I finish it.


Technically internet access is good, but free time is limited.  (Go figure, I’m busy visiting all those people I flew here to see).  Have been reading newspapers (not a normal behavior for me) so naturally there are six bazillion things I want to blog about.  May yet get to a few of them.  Am getting some strange formatting situations so my apologies if things appear weirder than usual.