Rain started last night, and it is drizzling a little now.  There is a light film of ice on the Airstream, and the raindrops on the crepe myrtle don’t seem to be dripping any more – quite pretty. 

We had an ice storm about three years ago, and that is when I learned to dread the things.   It gets cold and dark — none of the bright reflectiveness of snow.  You don’t want to go out for a walk, even after the rain stops, because tree limbs start falling down like crazy, all of which seem to aim directly for the hapless offspring.  

Inside it gets cold and dark.  Our house is designed to stay cool in the summer, which 75% of the year is a real advantage.  Fortunately ice-storm weather isn’t all that cold, so even without heat you can get by just fine wearing coats and sleeping in the sleeping bags.  I think the last time it only got down to about 45 in the house.   It’s just depressing, is all.    We do have a gas hot water heater, which is a wonderful luxury in an otherwise powerless house. 

I am very grateful, in addition, for the very very nice gas grill my father-in-law gave us two years ago.  Includes a side burner for cooking your corn-on-the-cob or what have you.   So, fortunately, there won’t be a major disruption in meal plans if the power goes (note to self: call SuperHusband and ask him to bring home an extra fuel tank).  Also grateful to our friends who gave us their old refrigerator, now inhabiting our garage.  Easy to keep a fridge and freezer cold if they are stored in a freezing-temperature room to begin with.

What could be disrupted is blogging plans.  In our last ice storm we were without power for many days.  Part of that was due to a downed power line at the edge of our property — the other side of the street got back power a couple days before we did — so if I’m out for more than my usual Friday and Saturday of busyness, it could be that.  Or it could be just a Sunday and Monday and so on of busyness.

Bird Feeder News  The squirrel-proof bird feeder has been in place for about a week now.  The squirrels are persistent in their efforts to access it (who needs TV when you have squirrels?), but so far have not succeeded.   Mrs. Cardinal has been spotted feeding, and Mr. Cardinal nearby; other birds have been seen on the ground feeding in the general area, but no visual confirmation of direct feeder use.   In all it appears the new feeder is unpopular — there is still plenty of seed in there.