Sunday afternoon SyrupHusband converted to StomachVirusHusband.  He headed off to work this morning, so the worst of it is over for him, it appears.  Bun is still on clear-fluids-only, with older siblings being threatened with un-named consequences if they should sneak her any more food.   (That said, you’ve got to love it when your four-year-old takes pity on her on little sister and secretly gives her green beans.)

I’m so glad to be homeschooling during times like this.  No feeling guilty about sending off a boy to school, knowing he may be carrying greetings of GI-misery to his classmates.  No waiting all day, wondering if the school office is going to call and tell me to come pick up the boy.  No needing to acquire doctor’s notes, nor worry about helping the sick kid keep up with the classmates.   These aren’t necessarily reasons we homeschool, but they are nice bonuses.

Meanwhile school here has been going fine.  We discovered a book yesterday that deserves it’s own entry, so I’ll put it in the next post.