The code for my template keeps changing.  Which is why there is mysterious punctuation down where you go to click for comments.  Might explain why I briefly saw a post from 1969 this morning.  And then it was gone.  Was all of 1969 like that?

Anyhow, once again apologizing for unwanted blog-reading difficulties.  Lots of good links in the sidebar.   Maybe now would be a good time to post our family portrait.  It sort of fits the  general technical-difficulties theme.   I had a teenager-friend coach me on photo-posting this past weekend, so maybe I’ll follow through before I forget what she told me.

Oh and I saw an Oriole this past week.  Probably an Orchard Oriole, though it hasn’t returned for me to confirm that.  First time I’ve ever seen one.   Other winter visitors include the blue jay and the titmouse, both back from last year, and a robin.  The cardinals, finches & sparrows, and pigeon/mourning-doves are year-round residents.  I’ve lost track of whether the chickadees are full-timers or just vacationers.  Remind me to check next summer.  

Meanwhile, our feeder has been removed.  Due to the tree-rats, as a certain SuperSpouse refers to those cute cuddly guys the rest of us know as squirrels.  He’s investigating squirrel-proof bird-feeders, so if you know of one that actually works, do share.