We’ve been doing the days of Christmas here, primarily for practical reasons — the kids have so many loving relatives, that if they opened all gifts on one day, they might develop repetitive-stress injuries from the sheer volume of unwrapping-work required.  Also, it’s more fun. 

This year we had an unusual package, because my parents are in the process of down-sizing their housing.   Dad must have decided he wasn’t going to spend his retirement decorating belts and purses after all, because he took me up on my offer be the new guardian to all his old leather-working supplies.  Here’s an excerpt from the letter he sent to the kids:

Sister Lansatia, who was my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher in Avon, Ohio, taught me how to do leatherwork.  . . . She wanted to teach herself leatherwork, so she made it part of our classes.  I enjoyed it a lot and even made some money doing projects (wallets, eyeglass cases, and purses) for my aunts and uncles. . . .  Hope you have as much fun with the leather working tools as I did.

Dad included his old manuals and patterns, but I’m going to hunt around the library tomorrow to see if we can’t find a few books on the topic. I’m not quite comfortable setting our very eager Mr. Boy loose  with the  the circa-1950 original text.