Suppose, for example, you were the type of person who really liked the IRS website.  The kind of person who might relax on a Thursday evening with a copy of Taxes for Dummies, and feel genuinely guilty that you were getting to enjoy yourself, while your poor spouse was in the other room scraping glue off the kitchen floor to prep it for tiling.  Maybe you are the kind of person who just loved your class on business law, or, if you never got to take business law, you are the kind of person who wishes you had.  Not because you needed to know business law, but because it is so much fun to learn about it.

Now suppose, in addition, you are catholic.  One of *those* catholics, you know, who really likes the church and her teachings.  And furthermore, the kind of catholic with no axes to grind, just a sort of cheerful catholic.

In that case, you might enjoy this link,, the Code of Canon Law.

I had always avoided it, because it seems to be read mostly by unhappy people.  Which I am perfectly capable of being without help from a vatican website.   But I stumbled upon it this morning, and it was fun.   Even more fun after I had my web browser increase the text size so that I didn’t get a headache from all that fun.

Happy New Year!