After this I’m going to make my serious post, which I have been forming in my head for a while now, and which the deacon’s sermon this morning is my excuse to finally get it out.  So first some light entertainment, and then a little sermon whenever the next post is completed (this morning? tomorrow? Next week?  You never know what’s next during Holiday Time).

Caroling Party Amusement  The party was a success, if you go with the "define your own success" philosophy of social life.

  • There seems to be this rule that whenever I host a social event, I will commit at least one major hostess faux pas.  I’m pleased to report that I did manage to offer everybody food and drink at least once time, an improvement over previous events.  So this party’s learn-from-your-mistakes highlight was a brand new brain failure: I forgot to unwrap the food.  Not all of it.  In fact very few people noticed, because the food that remained sealed up in plastic wrap . . . all evening long . . . was the boring food.  The special yummy holiday food, nobody had any trouble remembering to open that.
  • We, um, "forgot" to go caroling.  But we had a fabulous time (I am not joking) helping one of our guests analyze her business plan for a bakery she is hoping to open soon.  (And we got to eat her baking in the process, hence the other neglected food).   Naturally, being the person who both loves Song of the Week, and loves the IRS website, I cannot say for certain whether it is better to spend Christmas Eve Eve caroling or strategizing.  But I know our party was successful because as my friend was leaving, I told her that the SuperHusband and I would be more than happy to get together again to work through her business plans.  And she said that she would take us up on the offer.  Nothing says "good hostess" more than a guest who wants to come back again, and soon.