First post swallowed in the technical vortex, trying again.


Married Priests:  Our diocese is about to get another one.  Read the soon-to-be-Fr. Longenecker’s blog at .  Scroll through the blog for posts and links to insights on this whole phenomenon of married priests, and other good stuff too.  I’ll add the link to my sidebar soon.


A Book:  Tomie de Paola’s The Lady of Guadalupe (Holiday House, New York, 1980.  ISBN 0-8234-0373-4) is a good one, as many of his children’s books are.  Seems to be a good summary of the events surrounding Juan Diego and Our Lady, though I’m not an expert on them – please let me know if you find any errors in his telling of the story.    Certainly gives a vivid and pious (but not sappy!) rendering of the events, with an author’s note at the end about the historical reality behind today’s feast.


Babies:  SB got the all-clear this morning from the pediatrician, so RSV is officially over.  My mother-in-law tells me baby AML had a good outcome from her surgery, though we don’t know all the details.  Thank you for praying for both of those babies.


->    As Our Lady of Guadalupe is considered a patroness of the pro-life cause, today would be a good day to ask her intercession for all the babies still in danger of their lives due to the threat of abortion.