Yesterday Homeschoolblogger reportedly shut down for some kind of technical thing.  Today I come back, with my prayer answered that yes, my blog survived the upheaval.   (They warned us to back-up our blogs because some might be lost in the whatever they were doing.)

But things are a little wacky.  They "Improved" things, and in the long run usually these improvements turn out to be good, but in the short run people like me sometimes get cranky while we figure out the new system.  And all my interests have been converted into numbers.  I checked one of the numbers, and learned I am the only person on homeschoolblogger interested in "10648".  For that matter, I myself, was never really interested in that number until today.

Things also seem to be working very slowly here.  I’d send you to Catholic Exchange, but they, too, have been "improving" things, and I keep having trouble with my e-mail there.  I’d send you to Delphi, but it continues to crash on me.  Hopefully at least some of the links on my new, "improved" blog, (complete with a list of interesting numbers in my profile) will take you to places that are running more smoothly.

I will say that I like the new default avatar better than the old one.  And we got a family portrait made yesterday so I’ll (attempt to) post  that one of these years, as well as the pictures of the green castle for which our school and this blog are named.