I’ve gotten started on the book _Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said_ by Victor Kuligin.  I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly, as some of his examples do a little too much glorifying of the protestant reformation.  It is, however, a good reality check for those of us who tend to forget that the Gospels, as well as such classic works as _The Imititation of Christ_ still apply today, even to Christians who happen to have come to the Lord from the comfort of american society.

Anyway, the author offers an example from his own earlier life as to how he found a balance between serving his employer faithfully (as a salesman in a secular business) but still using his work as an opportunity to evangelize.  He concludes with this assignment for the reader:

Consider during the next six months how you can use your position at work more strategically for God’s kingdom, while always being mindful to strike the proper balance between obligation to your employer and obligation to your Creator.

And here’s where I was blown away: I suddenly realized that I have no "balance" to strike.  I am completely without any kind of excuse.  My entire job as a homeschooling housewife can be 100% given over to the Lord.  Whoa.  Every single moment of every single day.

My primary duty is the rearing of my children, which of course I knew was all about discipling budding Christians, but this puts it into stronger relief.  And then aside from that, I have almost complete control over what hobbies I choose, what family activities we pursue, what friends we make, what I purchase and who I purchase it from, and so on and so forth.  There just isn’t a thing I can think of in my life where I have to find some kind of "compromise" between the call of the world and the call of the Lord. 

Oh dear.