After a series of false starts throughout the month, we finished out November with "Crown Him With Many Crowns" for our Song of the Week, in observance of the feast of Christ the King.   Very little singing was accomplished, however, due to a sore throat on a my part.  For a day there, in fact, I felt practically benedictine, what with the silence that overcame me. 

Advent is now here, and I had initially pencilled in some Advent songs on the calendar, but this morning I crossed them all out, and wrote in Christmas carols.  Not because I have suddenly succumbed to the Holiday Spirit! of the wider culture, but because we are hosting a caroling party on the 23rd*.  Would be nice for the kids to know at least a few of the selections, since even Mr. Boy is not yet literate enough to follow along in the song packet.  Our top picks, in addition to "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" are "Angels We Have Heard On High"  "Away in a Manger"  "Joy to the World" and "Silent Night".

In other news, Squeaky has RSV and Bun has an ear infection.  The pediatrician wasn’t gravely worried about the RSV, but not exactly upbeat and reassuring either.  The nurse who sent us home with the little electric penguin that nebulizes Abuterol was her normal matter-of-fact self — I first met her when she was a NICU nurse and Bun was admitted with pneumonia the day after she was born.  So this particular nurse is developing the distinction of being the person I think of when I think "baby with respiratory illness".  Prayers appreciated.

Also fun around here is that we’ve been borrowing a couple extra kids for the long weekend.  We have to return them tommorrow.  Ton of fun, and a chance to really learn the meaning of the word "busy".  Also I am starting to get an idea of how the ladies at the Losta Kids forum on delphi determined that five or more was the amount of children that officially made it a large family. 

*And yes, we are succumbing to the wider culture on that point.  Because our neighbors would be very confused if we came caroling on the 26th.  And yes, I’m going to put out my very Christmas-y retro-style caroler-themed table cloth for the party, because my mother-in-law gave it to me, she is coming to the party, and a caroling party calls for a caroling table cloth.  So it will be a little time warp here at the castle that day.