Dymphna’s Well (http://dymphnaswell.blogspot.com).  My very tired brain is not mustering much to say tonight, so time for another link.  And all I can think to say about it, is that it’s just this nice blog.  Run by one of the ladies from the NFP forum, and a reliable source of catholic inspiration.  Just nice.  Go visit.


And, ahem, here is how I rationalized having our Christmas tree up before it was even Advent, responding to the "Just Wait" post at Dymphna’s Well:

1. Advent is awfully short this year.  I’m sure we can hang on to our festiveness through Epiphany even with the tree up at least a week early.
2.  The SuperHusband brought it home and set it up.  With the kids.  What was I going to do?
3.  It’s a pretend tree.  Just the thing if you’re pretending the holidays are here when they are not.
4.  We haven’t decorated it yet.  So that counts for something, right?