Today and yesterday have been just gorgeous, with clear mild weather perfect for visiting family.  Did the tour of relatives’ homes for Thanksgiving, and today had an outing to Riverbanks Zoo with the SuperBrother, a SuperNeice and SuperNephew.  Wednesday, on the other hand, was something else entirely.

LP made her ballet debut this week as a mouse in a local production of the Nutcracker.  It was dark with a steady rain and not very many degrees out, but Wednesday was the $5 matinee, so it was our big chance to have the whole family go see her perform.  After the first act, Bun, Budget & I made our escape.  We’d seen our mouse in action, and all three of us were getting rather fidgety.

The van was parked on the other side of Lake Erie, and neither Bundle nor myself were wearing waterproof footwear.   There was nothing for it, so I encouraged her with a rousing chorus of the Splashing In The Puddles refrain, and the two of us marched ankle deep in near-freezing water.  Bun wasn’t convinced that this was recreation, and for all know, she, too, was offering up her suffering for those who spend the winter with inadequate footwear.  But the sensation of wading in icy water reminded me of another walk I’d taken years ago.

The SuperHusband and I spent one of our early anniversaries visiting Zion National Park, one our favorite places on earth.  The day of our anniversary we hiked in to The Subway, a full day of hard hot hiking in, through, and out of a mostly-dry river bed.   Worth it, but demanding.  Sore feet.  The next day we rented gear from a local outfitter, and hiked into Zion Narrows.  To do this you must wade thigh-deep in the creek itself, fed by snowmelt.  It is a stunning walk, with tall sculpted walls towering above on either side.  The rented waders kept us dry, and after the previous day’s hike, it was a good thing to essentially be icing our legs several hours.

I was struck by how that sensation of wading through icy water had remained with me so powerfully so many years later.   I would never have guessed that a cold rainy day in the southeast, trudging several blocks through downtown with baby and toddler, would remind me of a hike on a clear sunny day in a desert canyon.  But there it was.