Snow would be too good to be true, though reportedly my father-in-law had a little snow in Charleston this morning..  But it was awfully blustery when I pushed LP out to her carpool, and my thoughts did turn to the possibility of wintery precipitation.  Now the air is filled with that special sleet sound, sort of a tinkle or a tap.  Mr. Boy is playing outside on the castle, and dutiful homeschooling mother that I am, I had to go outside and tell him what it was.  "Weather and Seasons", after all, is one of the items on our curriculum this year.

With camping season over, we’ve pulled the airstream home for the winter, and it’s parked outside my office window.  Now I’ve got a pot of coffee freshly brewed, the pretend fireplace lit, and I can sit back and rock a baby and watch the sleet bounce off the camper roof.  Ahhh.