As promised, here is the link to the NFPtalk forum at delphi:


On the start page there are a handful of useful links related to Natural Family Planning (scroll down past the forum rules to find them).  The participants are about 60% catholic I would guess.  Most of the conversation is not about NFP.  I have found this group of people to be interesting, helpful, and generally friendly.  I’ve also found that it helps to be around for a while and get to know the personalities.  I don’t participate as much as I used to, in part due to busy-ness, but primarily because delphi keeps crashing my computer.   My ancient freebie corporate-castoff computer let me clarify — other people don’t seem to have this problem.  Anyhow, I’m adding the link to my links section.  If you are looking for a place to discuss NFP, there it is.





In other breaking news: The sprouts are indeed sunflowers, I am 98% sure.  I found another patch just like the one under the bird feeder, and that patch of sprouts is just where I know I spilled some seeds a while ago.  Seed-wasters.  (All of us).  Hrmph. 


But all birds are forgiven on account of my discovery that they have planted a sassafrass tree for me.  This is my favorite kind of tree for two reasons: 1) The bark smells good.  2) It was the only kind of tree I learned to identify as a child.


I am hopeful for the sassafrass seedling, not so hopeful for the sunflower sprouts.  Meanwhile a good frost has finished off what was left of the lantana and the tomatoes, which means I have a lot of clearing away of dead plant debris in the days to come.  Less pressing are the autumn leaves  — yesterday I noticed one of the maples had blanketed the lawn with fallen leaves, and I remembered vaguely that some people rake those things.  Now that I think about it, I believe I told one of the children I would make a pile of leaves for jumping into.  So I suppose that gives shape to our PE curriculum for the coming week. 


Mt. Washmore and its twin peak Mt. Foldmore continue to loom in the background.  I was going to blog about how our French curriculum needs renovating, but for the moment I think I’ll push that off into the same do-not-think-about-it corner where Song of the Week is cowering.  Once again our parish is doing a beautfiul litany of the saints during Mass in November, and I would love to learn it.  I’m a little daunted though.  My brain is feeling mighty full already.  We’ll see.


One reason the brain is full: I’m reading Lies My Teacher Told Me.  Much better work than I had guessed it would be when I pulled it off the library shelf last week, mildly intrigued by the title but not expecting what I found.  I’ll review it when I finish it.