The monitor's backlight is shot.  Which means only evening computing for me, only when the SuperComputer is free but the SuperHusband is not (given the choice, I'll take the husband over the computer any night, lol.).  But bless the man, he is looking around for a new monitor.




The Resolution: To get serious about exercising.  Over the past week many things have pointed in this direction, including but not limited to:

  • The “Running the Rosary” article at Catholic Exchange
  • meeting a guy at a kids' Halloween party who was just back from running the Ironman triathalon.  Father of two young children no less.
  • Discovering that my only long pants that fit are exercise wear.

Saturday I was reflecting on how the goals of fitness and good nutrition are an excellent chance to practice the four cardinal virtues (prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude), which we studied last year, both in 5th grade CCD and in the homeschool kindergarten.  But I didn't realize quite how much fortitude would be required until I actually got started on the fitness goal yesterday morning.  My effort to do a skip-rope rosary only made it a decade and a half before the fighting and interuptions reached the point that I had to call a halt.    And then by late morning — before I had a chance to get back to the rope-skipping — someone had broken my jump rope.   Not an auspicious start.  Now I understand why so many of my middle-aged parent-friends are out of shape.




A Link: My internet friend Lee Ann is the one person who has most inspired me to persist with exercising despite the obstacles.  Her blog, “souvenons” or “We Remember”, recounts her experience losing her son Thomas Doerflinger, killed in action in Iraq.