There was chant, too.  Mr. SuperHusband and I  made it to the state charismatic renewal conference this morning for a little mini-retreat.  Good stuff.  Sort of a summer-camp feel to the event.  After a great praise & worship session (congo line, anyone?) Fr. Maclear gave a talk on St. Joseph.  I don’t know anything else about the man, but it was a good talk.  Lots of new insights for me.  Nice intellectual counterpoint to the emotional enthusiasm of the event.


Bishop Baker presided at the Mass afterwards.  His homily covered all sorts of good points about religious vocations, family life, prayer, and lots of other stuff.  Very catholic.   I like how the morning started with a praise-and-teaching format worthy of any good evangelical church, but didn’t stop there.  It culminated in the Mass.  Put things in their proper perspective.


And you can say what you like about guitar masses*, but this one had the very best communion song ever.  It was a simple series of statements of eucharistic adoration, along the lines of "we worship you, Jesus"  etc. etc.  It seems like if you’re going to be singing something during Holy Communion, this about sums it up.  Really nice. 


Oh and Bishop Baker said something about the Tridentine Mass, but he asked us not to repeat it.  So I won’t.  But I couldn’t resist joining the throngs of bloggers posting on that theme.   I can say that there was evidence of enthusiam for a wider use of the old rite among the attendees.  Hmmn, a Charismatic Tridentine Mass.  That is something I would definitely want to see.




A few other updates:  I got the bird feeder filled, finally, thanks to a fear of public shame if I didn’t.  Something is sprouting under the feeder, and it better not be sunflowers, because that would mean those birds are wasting my seeds.  Bad birds! Bad birds! No cookie!  Garden notes:  Some of the lantana is started to die off, I got a few nice cherry tomatoes, and a watermelon!  I had given up on the watermelon, and there it was.  Haven’t opened it yet to see whether it is any good.  Some kind of green is coming up from last year’s seed (self-sown), I think a mustard green.  Have not seen any peas poking out yet.  And LP’s math-u-see workbook arrived, so I will be able to conveniently hand her worksheets when she asks for them.   Got my phonics book, back, too, always a plus to have one of those around when teaching small children to read.


editing to fix some of the typos.  Also adding: Mr. SuperHusband took some photos of the green castle for which this blog (and our school) is named.  So one of these years I’ll post it in my avatar.  And wanted to add, prayers for my monitor will not be discouraged.  It keeps going out on me, despite a SuperRepair the other day.  Which means that once the SuperComputer goes back to work tommorrow, I might be computer-less.  Doesn’t bode well for my blogging.


*One time while were traveling, Mr. SuperHusband and I attended one of Those masses.  The type that makes liturgical reformers want to have the rubrics pasted on billboards and bumper stickers in order to teach people that really, there is a better way, and it is right here before us.  Mr. SuperHusband, the evangelical, turned to me at That Mass, and asked in genuine doubt, "Are you sure this is a Catholic church?"  That experience helped me understand what the Big Deal was with liturgical reform.  But really, this was a fine mass today.  At least for someone who teaches her children songs from musicals, and all that.  Plus there wasn’t a pipe organ in the school gym, what were we supposed to do?  Oh I know, chant.  But there was chanting, too.  Good chanting.  The bishop did it.