I’m always a little leery of getting into the bishop-watch business.  There’s the hazard that it will degenerate into treating our bishops as if they were merely politicians or movie stars.  But it’s obvious so I’ll say it: I’m a member of the Bishop Baker Fan Club.  Can’t help myself, I was done for when he published his series of teachings on the Real Presence in The Catholic Miscellany shortly after his arrival in South Carolina. 

For the most part, though, I think it is better that we lay faithful focus on praying for our bishops, not so much talking about them.   That said, the primary job of a catechist is to repeat things.  So here I’ll repeat what Bishop Baker writes in his article "On Being Faithful Citizens" on the front page of this week’s Miscellany:

Various voter guides have emerged, sharing particular perspectives that may reflect to a degree our religious moral perspective.  The only statement I support or affirm for use or distribution in parishes and Catholic institutions of our diocese is the statement by the Catholic bishops of the state of Kansas, entitled "Moral Principles for Catholic Voters."

The statement is available at the Kansas Catholic Conference Web site,  www.kscathconf.org .  It was also published in the Miscellany, and I found it to be a concise and readable summary of how to evaluate political candidates.  A must-read for any catechist, and for any catholic elgible to vote.