I like to travel.  I enjoy experiencing life in other places, and incorporating bits of those places and cultures into my everyday life.  I’ve noticed I tend to do the same thing spiritually, too. 

This weekend is the South Carolina Charismatic Renewal’s annual statewide conference in Columbia.  I’ve dropped in at the SCCR’s monthly meetings a few times over the last many years, and two years ago Mr. SuperHusband and I went to the state conference — not the whole thing, but just the final session Sunday morning.    If we can get someone to keep the kids (at the very least, the toddler) we may try to go again this year.  The time change is in our favor — the eight am start will feel like nine, good thing since it’s a trek to St. John Neumann school.

The first time I went to a charismatic meeting, I’ll admit I was there in part just to see what it was all about.  It still isn’t the bread and butter of my spirituality — my idea of "speaking in tongues" is to whip out a copy of Spanish in Ten Minutes a Day.  But I have found it is helpful to take a little spiritual vacation to the charismatic world from time to time.  Lots of enthusiasm for the Lord, genuine humility, and a fresh way to encounter Jesus and be challenged.  I always leave glad I went.

Two years ago, Bishop Baker celebrated the final Mass at the close of the statewide conference.  He is reportedly scheduled to do so again this year (and for all I know he did it last year, too, but I wasn’t there so I don’t know for certain).  It was a pleasure to see the bishop giving such obvious support to this vibrant group of Christians, and I can still recall the power of his homily on the Eucharist and Evangelization, even though I no longer remember the exact details.  Good stuff.

The only internet link about the conference that I could find in my breif search was here
(from http://www.nsc-chariscenter.org/index.asp).     This site (http://home.sc.rr.com/morelord/) has general info, and a link to the dates and times of the regular monthly meetings.


Meanwhile here at the castle, one of those days is turning into one of those weeks.  Oh well, they happen.  Trying to stay calm and focus on our goal for today: getting groceries.  Birds are still starving, btw.  Pansies still happy.  Let’s not talk about school.