We had a nice little trip this weekend.   There was excellent turnout at the Airstream rally (I’ll let you know when photos are posted), not only from SC and neighboring states, but also Alabama, Florida, and I’m not sure where else.  There was a group of caravanners that came through — lots of friendly folks.  The SC state rally will be at Palmetto Cove again next year, I will post when the time comes.

Despite the fickle weather we had, this is the very best time to visit the SC upstate, in my opinion.  The leaves were just turning this weekend, and should be at their peak next weekend.  Mr. SuperHusband was showing me some photos from his hikes, and it was just stunning — the sort of views that make you say "South Carolina? Really?" 

We were in charge of childrens’ activities for the rally.  Knowing that it was quite likely ours would be the only children in attendance, we planned accordingly.  On Thursday we did a bug-themed activity.  We brought the stereo-microscope (low magnification, but good depth-perception) and looked at various insects and other objects.  Did some bug-identification from our collection of bug books.  And those who so desired had the option of building their own bugs with an assortment of arts-and-crafts supplies.  Despite a mix-up that caused most of the campers to believe the activity was canceled, we had a good turn-out from passersby.  That is, lots of interest in the microscope — not very many retirees do pom-pom-ball art it appears.

On Saturday Mr. SuperHusband hosted an archery clinic and competition.  Tons of fun, and lots of participants.  We had borrowed an assortment of bows from some friends (Sam at Zao Life), so there was suitable equipment for everyone.  There were many first-time archers, some in their 70’s and if I recall correctly early 80’s as well.

Now it’s back to school, and I’m happy to be in the routine of things again. Though this afternoon I checked my calendar (I have a bad habit of checking it late in the day), and it turns out I had scheduled two days for unpacking before resuming formal lessons.  Which explains why I now have a sucessful math quiz posted on the bulletin board, but giant piles of blankets and warm clothing clogging up my office and living room. Oops.