In my reporting on our Song #5, I said this:

    “I would be horrified to hear this song at mass, or even as an ordinary praise and worship song. “

And on further reflection, I realized that a number of my readers are
probably thinking, “um, duh.”  No brilliant liturgical mind needed
to figure that one out.

So why *did* I bother to say such a
thing?  It's this:  There's a sub-group of earnest Christians
who beleive that anything that bespeaks of our relationship with God is
suitable for corporate worship.   That if something draws us
closer to Him at other times, it ought to also be considered for
inclusion at Mass, or at the very least in a group praise and worship

So I just wanted to clarify in my original
post,  that is not me.  I do find inspiration in all kinds of
unlikely places, like popular musicals and cans of whipped cream. 
But I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I don't therefore think
that such inspiring items belong at Mass.  Time and a place for
everything.  The whole excitement in connecting to God in ordinary
moments is the way it sanctifies the ordinary.   To try to
bring those moments into Mass would only do the reverse — to make
ordinary that which is sacred.

And that's all.  Summary:  I'm flighty, but not nearly as bad as I could be.