Assuming I
haven't lost count already.   Even though school is technically on
hiatus during Mr. Boy's backpacking trip and then the Airstream rally,
we still have a song.  I chose “Getting to Know You”, from the
film musical The King and I
I'm not actually a big fan of the film, but I like the song.  It
evokes what is for me of the heart of parenting, and thus of
homeschooling.  It is also a lot of what I love about teaching in
    It also reminds me of one
of the three purposes for mankind's existence, per the old children's
catechisms.  I would be horrified to hear this song at mass, or
even as an ordinary praise and worship song.  But compared to
getting, say, “What's Love Got to Do With It?” stuck in my head, as
sometimes has happened to me, child of the 80's that I am, “Getting to
Know You” can be an encouraging and inspiring reflection.  And
since it does sometimes get stuck in my head, I might as well learn the
lyrics.  (Sadly, I already know the lyrics to “What's Love . . .”).
    And it's just as well Mr. Boy is out, because the
girls are going to love it.  I think it's pretty much a girl song.