Here’s a review what they are, and why you should visit them while I am on vacation:

•the Ironic Catholic I love satire.  I love Catholic satire even more.  If I could only have one website, this would be it.  And if you travel in evangelical circles, as I do, you will love IC’s link to the Lark, evangelical satire wonderland.
Bethune Catholic  Mr. SuperHusband (the non-catholic) has met more catholic celebrities than I have, and this is one of them.  Multiple sources report the Curley’s are super nice people, and one day I might know for myself.  Meanwhile, if you aren’t from SC you may not understand just how funny a name like "Bethune Catholic" is.  Sort of like saying the "Irish Shiites".  Rural SC just isn’t known for its large catholic populations.    Anyhow it’s an enjoyable blog, and you oughta support Requiem Press while you’re there.

Scrutinies  – This blog belongs to a friend of a friend of friends, who also frequents the NFPtalk forum at delphi.  Just plain funny, especially if you like to teach, like catholicism, and also have young children.

Mark Shea’s Blog – Catholic and Enjoying It!  –  I  have found several of Mark Shea’s books to be very helpful.  He’s the kind of writer who explains theology so that people like me can turn around and explain it to the fifth grade CCD class.    One thing I like about his blog is that he is firmly catholic, but not firmly republican (or democrat).  Lately he has been blogging a lot about how not only is torture evil, it’s also just plain wrong.  There’s other good stuff too.  I do wish he’d go with a more cheerful color-scheme, but people probably wish mine were less cheerful, so I suppose it all evens out in the wash.

Jimmy Akin’s Blog
the Curt Jester
Amy Wellborn’s Blog – Open Book

Three more good catholic blogs.  Mr. SuperHusband spoke to Amy Wellborn once after one of  her presentations.  He reports she’s the kind of person I would probably like, which explains why I enjoy her blog so much.   I discovered the Curt Jester for its satire, but it actually seems to be mostly serious stuff lately.  If you go to Jimmy Akin’s blog, do search for the canon law analysis of "I Am My Own Grandpa" that appeared relatively recently.