. . . we assisted the many brothers fire ant into the arms of
sister death.  Also complimented the Egg Lady on her dog. 
This made the Egg Lady happy; the dog, on the other hand, would have
much preferred I toss the blue rubber ball he presented to me. 
Maybe next year.


    Meanwhile our resident book-eater, age two, was
discovered feeding a book to her teddy bear.   Other toddlers
give their baby dolls pretend bottles, but nothing so pedestrian is
happening here.  Apparently she is trying to teach the next
generation to love books as well.  Hint: buy stock in 3M — we are
going through loads of clear packing tape as we salvage what the
bookworm leaves behind.  On a more positive note, said bookworm
was practicing her sharing and taking turns skills — she and teddy
were alternating bites.