I love DVD's.  And in particular, I love that
they come with foreign language tracks.  We are studying French
this year at our school.  (Reason: I speak French.  So it's
much easier on the prep time.  Plus, it's fun.)  This week is
our off-week while I do projects on the house, and my rule is the kids
can watch as much TV as they want, as long as it's in french. 
Since they are already familiar with the story lines of their favorite
DVD's, it's easy enough for them to listen to the foreign soundtrack
but still know what is going on.   
    I don't have any illusions that watching a movie or
two is going to turn them into little linguists, but it does give them
an ear for what the language sounds like when it is spoken
fluently.  And even now, with only a little instruction, they can
probably pick out a few words here and there. 
    My next goal is to find some good native-french
DVD's.  Both for the cultural experience, and because you miss
some of the instructional value of a live film when the mouth doesn't
exactly match the sounds being made.   Unfortunately, most of the
french-language films available here are not suitable for children, or
only with a lot of parental guidance.  So if anyone has
recommendations on french-language childrens' DVDs that are available
in the US DVD-zone, please speak up!