And my second thought for today:

    People do not ask me what my “secret” is. 
There are two reasons for this.  First, I let my children dress
themselves.  So my dear children are walking (running, climbing,
opening, closing, stomping, clapping, etc.) advertisements that this
mom does not “do it all”.  I don't even dress them, who knows what
other chores are being left undone.  (Hint: dishes, laundry,
mopping . . .)
    But still, I do sometimes appear in public with all
four kids, and I am a happy person when I do that.  Plus, most
people don't know about the paper plates.  Which has elicited a
few comments lately about how I don't look tired, I look “great” (code
word for “two months postpartum and lost at least five of the 6,000
pregnancy pounds”), etc.  And when people comment on my general
tranquility and the fact that we haven't been to the emergency room all
that much lately, I don't wait for them to ask for my secret.  I
just tell them.  Now I'll tell the whole internet, to save time in
future conversations.

Here are two secrets to postpartum happiness:
    1) Have an easy baby.
    2) Drink strong coffee.

It works.  I recommend Publix brand “Cafe Espresso”.  You
know it's good because it's their one generic good they label first in
Spanish, and then put the English translation in small
type.   White with orange rectangular vacumn-packed
seal.  Good enough that I dragged two tired and very silly
preschoolers (one borrowed), an exhausted toddler, and the newborn on a
side-trip to Publix in order to re-stock.  Also got some frozen
dinners to serve on my paper plates.  But those other things are
just extras.  The easy baby and the strong coffee are what would
be my secrets, if I were the type of person who could keep such a thing