The first of two thoughts for today, if make it to them both in one sitting:

   I just realized, parenting is inherently humorous. 
In the aftermath of a potty-training incident, I was doing a quick
check of the kids' room for wayward diaper debris.  I was thinking
how amusing it was that this was just a normal Sunday afternoon
activity for me.  I was composing a little blog entry.  And
then I had my “aha!” moment, or perhaps my “duh!” moment: All parents
do this.  It's still funny, though.
really enjoy parenting humor.  Erma Bombeck, Dr. Ray Guarendi,
Bill Cosby, and countless others.  The thing I am realizing now is
that the parenting-humor genre does not rely on unusual events or rare
insights.  Its about the normal things that actually happen. 
Who knew?  Here I thought I had signed up for the procreation of a
precious immortal soul who would bring joy and love and of course lots
of mis-filed bodily fluids, too, but I had no idea when we starting
trying to conceive that we were signing up for a lifelong comedy
    I'm just stunned.  Parenting involves so much funny stuff.  Lucky lucky me.