Our second Song of the Week is “Simple Gifts”. 
I used the lyrics found at http://hometown.aol.com/musbuff/page40.htm
.  I chose it because it is a catchy tune that I've always
enjoyed, and wanted to be able to sing.  I found in the process of
learning it that it makes a nice reflection on humility and
    Another reason I chose this song is because I happen
to prefer the original lyrics over the “Lord of the Dance” lyrics, and
so I wanted to know the originals for when the tune gets stuck in my
head.  I hate it when I hear ” . . . I am the lord of the dance
said he” playing in my head six bazillion times a day.  Curiously,
“'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be” does not seem to
stick quite the same way.  Pleasant discovery.

    Our third Song of the Week is going to be Edelweiss (in English).  We're Sound of Music
fans here, and a few weeks ago LP was asking me to teach her the lyrics
to this song.  Naturally, I don't know them.  And now it
turns out this is one of the song played during LP's dance class. 
I've always rather liked the song myself, so I figure it's a good fit.

There's an interesting discussion of the Edelweiss lyrics at Wikipedia:

And then there's the fascinating world of the Sound of Music shrine:

Wow — things I never knew.  Homeschoolings pays off again.