The marigolds are safe for another week or so.   Today is special projects day, and Little Princess put in a request for painting.  What a perfect day for it, sunny and warm, gorgeous fall weather.  I put the kids out on the screen porch to paint, then sent them to the yard to hose off all paint-laden items.  Served a picnic lunch (peanut butter crackers, bananas, and ice cream).  Big kids continue to play outside while the toddler naps and I make this entry.  Later today we’ll go to the library.  Tommorrow we’ll be back to formal lessons for one more day, then it’s fall break for a week while I catch up on projects around the house.

Award goes to my mother-in-law for supplying me with the label "Fall Break".  I was going to call it "no school", but "Fall Break" sounds so much more official.  Apparently our local public school kids get Fall Break these days.  Makes sense.  Fall is our best season here, weather-wise.