Our first Song of the Week was “My Life Flows On”, by Robert
Lowry.  It is also known as “How Can I Keep From Singing”, and
this second title hints at how this particular song was chosen. Here's
the story:

    Both my girls so far have gone through a curious
phase while toddlers: when I sing, they plead, “Stop!”.  When this
happened with daughter #1, I was a little concerned.  Perhaps it
meant my singing was even worse than I suspected — when your own
two-year-old tells you stop singing, that's pretty bad.  I forget
my exact reasoning, but somehow I didn't give up on myself. 
Eventually the Little Princess quit protesting. 

    Now it is our precious Bundle, daughter #2, who just
loves loves loves to tell me “Stop!” whenever I sing. 

    My best guess is that my little toddlers discovered
that yelling “stop!” causes people to stop, and they enjoy testing out
this trick on Mom.  Kind of the way they like to test the light
switch, or pour out cups of water.

    Meanwhile, at Mass once we sang “My Life Flows
On”.  Though I didn't remember the whole song, or even the melody
very exactly, that one line “How can I keep from singing?” always stuck
with me. 

    And thus when our little Bundle took up her
anti-singing protests, I kept wishing I actually knew the song, instead
of merely knowing the song existed.  Then I would be able to
respond in song to her protests.

    Now, I know the song — the first verse and chorus,
anyhow.  The rest I haven't quite mastered, but it's in my
homeschool binder so there's hope for me.


Here are the two links I used when learning this song.



(I still haven't figured out how to use that “insert link” function
properly yet.  One of these decades I will homeschool myself in
that skill, meanwhile just copy and paste into your browser.)