I learned the two most important things about pinatas this weekend:

1) They must be filled with candy.
2) They must be beaten open with a stick.

All the rest is optional. At least, this is how things are at our
castle — perhaps your castle is different.  The kids at the party
Saturday (ages 4 to 13) had a great time making their own pinatas out
of paper bags, cardboard, and duct tape.  Each was filled with
candy, and the creators got to beat apart their own creation, and eat
the candy inside.  Lots of fun, and the whole process kept the
youthful masses happily occupied for several hours, giving the adults
lots of time for that boring talking thing adults do.

After dinner, the kids made beds on the livng room floor and watched
movies (Redwall, then half of Narnia), while adults stayed up late
doing even more of the talking thing.  Overall a great