This week is Mr. SuperHusband's 40th birthday.  Today we are
gearing up for the feasting, which will start tonight and run through
Sunday or so.  Tonight: Sushi dinner, eclairs for the
dessert.  Tomorrow: Continental breakfast, omelets, a light lunch
with the in-laws & bottle of champagne, assorted appetizers &
sauternes through the afternoon with friends, and then steaks for
dinner.  Sunday will be grazing on leftovers, and then dinner with
some new friends in the evening.

Promises to be a nice weekend, and now you know where I'll be instead
of here.  If I can just get our toddler to take her nap so we can
get to the grocery store.  You'd think the excitement of covering
herself in ink during the card-making process this morning would be
sufficient to wear her out.  (Yes, it is hard to find washable-ink
stamp pads.  But so worth the effort.)