I watched this movie last weekend, and really enjoyed it.  Here's a review I put together:

Diary of an Urban Priest is
about the mid-life discouragement of a priest who has spent his entire ministry
working in the slums of North Philadelphia. 
It is well-produced and delightfully realistic.  Anyone who struggles with a demanding
vocation will be able to relate to Fr. Mac’s weariness and doubts.   Such viewers may even find the film to be a source of encouragement.
An interesting element in the plot are the
counsels of St. Malachy, St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis of Assisi, who
each appear in turn at critical moments, to advise and encourage the urban
priest.  It was especially nice to see
St. Francis noted primarily for his determination, hard work, and pragmatism –
no mention of animals at all.

catholicness of the film seems to be solid enough, though in a true-to-life
form.  Hardliners might be frustrated that  Fr. Mac and his
fellow priest Fr. David wear street clothes except for sacramental duties (and
for one courtroom appearance), and the two religious sisters in the film do not
wear habits.  But we see Fr. Mac showing
a genuine reverence as he vests for Mass, and I did not note any of the
catholic characters expressing anything that could be construed as
dissent.  Everyone seems like plain old genuine catholics, not hollywood-ized.   That said, I have not read the
book on which the film is based, nor am I familiar with the writing of Simone
Weil, who is frequently quoted by the protagonist. 

            I would not
really recommend this movie for children, simply because the topic is more for
a mature audience.  An interested teen
might benefit from watching it with a parent and discussing afterwards.  Certainly parents will want to help their
youngsters put the themes of the film into their proper perspective.  Also, in addition to the more expected
scenes from urban life (begging, petty theft, domestic violence, broken
families), there is one brief police-chase sequence that ends with a horrifying