This morning I was making
coffee and composing in my head a blog about how much I love
Publix-brand espresso, when tragedy struck: I discovered our remaining
quarter-gallon of whole milk had gone bad.  Before the sell-by
date.  I was devasted. 

    And then something wonderful happened:

    Earlier this week my friend Helene* had brought by a
meal for us.  She had included cups of Jello-with-fruit, and a can
of Reddi-wip for a topping.  Our little Bundle, age 2, had not yet
gotten hers.  So just as I was reeling from the milkless-coffee
tragedy, I went to serve Bun her Jello.  And when I got out her
Jello cup, of course I had to top it with Reddi-wip.  Reddi-wip!!
    Tragedy narrowly averted.  I could put whipped
cream on my coffee! Woohoo!  All was not entirely lost.  It
felt like God had forseen the spoiled milk, and sent Helene with the
Reddi-wip so that it would be there in my time of need. 

    Now the sad truth is that Reddi-wip in coffee is not
nearly as good as whole milk. Something I contemplated as I drank my
coffee.  Still, the Reddi-wip this morning had been a source of
encouragement for me.
    It was sort of like
receiving a get-well card in the mail:  a get-well card is not
nearly as nice as actually getting well, but it still helps you feel a
little better.  When I cannot have what I really want (milk, good
health, etc),  it is surprising how much the compassion of others
can  redeem the situation.

*some names have been changed to protect the innocent.