. . . of birds.  We have a family of finches who dine regularly in our yard.  I used to only need to refill the feeder every few weeks or so.  But this crowd can clean out the feeder in just a couple days. 
    This summer, when my bird-watching gave way to baby-watching, I decided the finches were going to have to satisfy themselves on the other food spread around our yard.   (We let our plants go to seed, which is how I first met them — feasting on the gone-to-seed greens outside my bedroom window.)  Now, though, it is time to start tending the feeder again.  We have lots of guests coming through these days, either on their way farther south, or settling into their winter home. 
    Also, therefore, it is time for me to pull out the bird book and see if I can learn to identify a few of them.  And maybe Mr. Boy will take an interest; "animals" is one of his official topics for first grade.