My name is Jennifer.  I have four little ones,
currently ages 6, 4, 2 and eight weeks.  I'm catholic, my beloved
Mr. SuperHusband is evangelical protestant. 
     We homeschooled Mr. Boy through kindergarten
last year.  It was, as kindergarten is meant to be, mostly just a
warm-up.  I was glad I went ahead and enrolled him and did the
paperwork and all that, because I learned a lot from going through
it.  It was nice to get the hang of legal homeschooling during a
relatively low-pressure year.  (Our state allows you to opt out of
kindergarten if you like.)

    I think “eclectic” sums up our approach to
homeschooling pretty well.   I figure out what it is really
important (to us)  that the boy learn, and what we want to leave
up to him to choose.  Then I figure out what resources will best
help us meet our goals.  Sometimes that looks more like structured
schooling, sometimes it looks more like unschooling.  
    I really enjoy teaching.  And learning. 
Right now things are very crazy, but we are having tons of fun.